Brad McDearman, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Brad McDearman is a fellow and the director of the Metropolitan Export Initiative with the Metropolitan Policy Program. His areas of expertise include exports and trade, state and metropolitan area economic development, market assessment and strategic planning, and project and relationship management.

Greg Clark, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Greg Clark is a city advisor, mentor and nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Clark supports and guides metropolitan strategic plans as an associate for LSE Cities at the London School of Economics, among others. He is also a writer and commentator on city/metropolitan development who has led and moderated more than 100 conferences and strategic events on cities.

Amy Liu, Director
Amy Liu is a vice president and director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings. Her policy studies include economic competitiveness, metropolitan growth and development, governance reforms, urban reinvestment, and social equity.

Alan Berube, Senior Fellow and Deputy Director
Alan Berube is senior fellow and deputy director at the Metropolitan Policy Program. His areas of expertise include metropolitan demographic and economic trends, and social policies affecting low-income families and communities.

Marek Gootman, Nonresident Senior Fellow

Marek Gootman is a nonresident senior fellow and former director of strategic partnerships and global engagements at the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program. His focus is on bridging think tank perspective with real world action to increase the vitality of cities and metropolitan areas.

Joseph Parilla, Fellow

Joseph Parilla is a fellow at the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program. His work on the Global Cities Initiative focused on improving the global competitiveness of U.S. metropolitan areas.