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The role of minority voters in the 2016 election

Past Event

Election 2016

The 2012 presidential election was the first in American history in which black voter turnout exceeded that of whites, with minority voters in general proving critical to the election results. As the 2016 election draws near, the votes of minority populations—particularly black, Latino, and Asian Americans—may once again prove influential in selecting the next president. How will turnout among minority voters compare to the historic levels of the past two presidential elections?

On September 14, Governance Studies at Brookings hosted an expert panel focused on the role of minority voters in the upcoming presidential election. What do the shifting demographics of the United States tell us? What role will black, Latino, and Asian American voters play in deciding the outcomes in key states? How will candidates’ positions on criminal justice, immigration, and the persistence of racial bias affect the vote in minority communities?




Presentation of Demographics

Panel Discussion: What to expect from minority voters

Deepa Iyer

Senior Fellow, Center for Social Inclusion; Author, We Too Sing America: South Asian, Arab, Muslim and Sikh Immigrants Shape Our Multiracial Future

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