10:00 am EDT - 11:30 am EDT

Past Event

The Quest for Stability in Iraq and the Middle East

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

10:00 am - 11:30 am EDT

Brookings Institution
Falk Auditorium

1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC

The war went remarkably well for coalition forces, but it caused massive disruptions in Iraq and sent shock waves through the Middle East. Now the United States must provide security for civilians and aid workers, oversee reconstruction of the country, help displaced residents, and prevent ethnic conflict.

At the same time, the United States continues its efforts to influence Syria’s “behavior” and elicit cooperation from Iraq’s neighbor in the hunt for the remnants of Saddam Hussein’s regime. Pressure also is building on the United States to take the lead in resolving the long and bloody dispute between the Israelis and Palestinians. As post-war complexities grow, so do questions about the wisdom of using force as an instrument of diplomacy.

At this Brookings Iraq Series briefing, a panel of experts will discuss these issues and take questions from the audience.