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Past Event

The future of transatlantic relations: A debate

Past Event

On Wednesday, January 31, the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology hosted a debate on the future of the transatlantic relationship. This debate, convened by the Brookings Institution’s Foreign Policy program and the Charles Koch Institute, in partnership with POLITICO, is the third debate in a series of thematic debates on America’s role in the world.

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Hosted in cities around the United States, this series seeks to foster a vigorous, civil, and constructive national discussion on the future of American foreign policy. The Atlanta debate will address the future of the Euro-Atlantic partnership, how the United States should engage diplomatically, military, and economically in Europe in the 21st century, how America and European nations can partner on global issues, and the scope for greater burden-sharing between the United States and its European allies.

Joseph Bankoff, chair of the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, opened the event, followed by introductory remarks from General Philip Breedlove, 17th Supreme Allied Commander Europe. The debate was moderated by Michael Crowley, national security editor at Politico.




Joseph Bankoff

Chair and Professor of the Practice - The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology

Framing remarks

Philip Breedlove

Distinguished Professor and CETS Senior Fellow - The Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology

Former Supreme Allied Commander - NATO


Barry Posen

Ford International Professor of Political Science - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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