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Past Event

The future of energy in the Eastern Mediterranean

Past Event

The future of energy in the Eastern Mediterranean

Beginning in 2009, major natural gas fields have been discovered in the Levant Basin of the Eastern Mediterranean. These discoveries have the potential both to transform the energy outlook of the countries in which they were found, and foster regional energy cooperation.

On February 19, the Energy Security and Climate Initiative (ESCI) and the Center for Middle East Policy (CMEP) at Brookings launched three papers dealing with the Eastern Mediterranean gas energy discoveries. The first looks at the potential development of the Palestinian Gaza Marine gas field and its importance to the Palestinian economy. The second discusses the evolution of Israel’s energy policy since large discoveries were made in Israeli waters, and the effect of this process on regional cooperation. The third publication, an edited volume published by the PRIO Cyprus Centre, explores the hydrocarbon findings offshore Cyprus and their effects Cypriot relations with its neighbors.

The panelists, who authored the papers, discussed the natural gas findings in the Eastern Mediterranean and the potential of these discoveries to enable regional energy cooperation.

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Harry Tzimitras

Director - PRIO Cyprus Centre

Nonresident Senior Fellow - Atlantic Council

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