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Past Event

The Future of Consumer Payments

Past Event

Evolution of Consumer Payments

Martin Neil Baily, Kenneth Chenault, and David H. McCormick

The way consumers pay for products and services is dramatically changing, with cash and checks now accounting for less than half of all transactions and falling fast. What payment technologies lie ahead and how will they change the way our economy works?

On September 16, Brookings’s Initiative on Business and Public Policy brought together some of America’s leading experts on the evolution of electronic payments, including David H. McCormick, under secretary for international affairs at the U.S. Treasury Department, and American Express CEO Ken Chenault.

Event Audio:

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Event Materials:
Read the transcript of Chairman Chenault’s remarks »
Read the transcript of Undersecretary McCormick’s remarks »


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Drazen Prelec

Digital Equipment Corp. LFM Professor of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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