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The End Game in Afghanistan: What’s Next?

With U.S. planes and opposition troops tightening the noose on al Qaeda’s last redoubt in the caves and mountains of eastern Afghanistan, a panel of Brookings experts will discuss and answer reporters’ questions about the final stages of the military war there and about the uncertainties ahead.

Among the many issues to be addressed are: What happens if Osama bin Laden escapes? What is the outlook for a viable government in Afghanistan after the fighting is over? Can the Bush administration sustain public support for continued military action against terrorists once the war in Afghanistan ends? What is to be done with Taliban and al Qaeda fighters who are taken prisoner? What is Pakistan’s role after the fighting in Afghanistan concludes? What are the next targets in America’s anti-terrorism war?




James B. Steinberg

Former Brookings Expert

University Professor, Social Science, International Affairs, and Law - Maxwell School, Syracuse University


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