Stephen P. Cohen is a former Brookings expert.

Stephen P. Cohen

Stephen P. Cohen

Former Brookings Expert

Stephen P. Cohen was a valued member of the Brookings family for 21 years, from 1998 until his death following an illness on October 27, 2019. Steve was appointed senior fellow in the Foreign Policy program in 1998, publishing seven books and several papers analyzing security and foreign policy in South Asia during his time at Brookings. He was the first American scholar to work in the field of South Asian security studies, largely defined the field, trained many of its leading analysts, and was himself its most experienced and insightful practitioner. He also developed specific policy interests in nuclear proliferation, disaster management, and the application of technology to the prevention or mitigation of terrorism. In recognition of his pathbreaking scholarship and policy impact, in 2017 Steve was named senior fellow emeritus by Brookings.

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