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School Readiness: Closing Racial and Ethnic Gaps

Although racial and ethnic gaps in achievement have narrowed over the past thirty years, test score disparities among racial and ethnic groups remain significant. To date, policymakers and practitioners have focused most of their attention on the gaps in achievement among school-aged children. However, sizable gaps already exist by the time children enter kindergarten.

At this event, sponsored by the Brookings Institution and Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School, panelists will discuss the latest issue of The Future of Children journal, which focuses on sources of these racial and ethnic gaps in school readiness among preschoolers. Speakers will focus especially on policies that might close the gap and improve educational outcomes for all children. Panelists will take questions from the audience following the discussion.


Panel 1 (Policymakers) Moderator

Panel 2 (Parent and Preschool Programs) Moderator



Clifford Johnson

Executive Director, Institute for Youth, Education and Families, National League of Cities


Grover Whitehurst

Director, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education


Helen Blank

Senior Fellow, National Women's Law Center Donna Desrochers Vice President and Director of Education Studies, Committee for Economic Development Cynthia Jones Special Projects Coordinator, National Head Start Association


W. Steven Barnett

Director - National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers

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