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Past Event

Revisiting Sovereign Bankruptcy

Past Event

Revisiting Sovereign Bankruptcy

Sovereign debt crises occur regularly and often violently. The recent debt crisis in Greece nearly led to the collapse of the euro. However, there is no legally and politically recognized procedure for restructuring the debt of bankrupt sovereigns. 

On October 3, Global Economy and Development at Brookings hosted a discussion to launch a new report on sovereign bankruptcy by the Committee on International Economic Policy and Reform — a group of independent economic experts that includes academics as well as former government and central bank officials. The report examines pre-crisis policy mistakes and recent court rulings, and argues that there is a much stronger case for an orderly sovereign bankruptcy regime today than ever before. The report also presents solutions to this problem at the euro-area and global levels.

The panel included several members from the Committee on International Economic Policy and Reform, as well as other leading experts.

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Charles Collyns

Managing Director and Chief Economist - Institute of International Finance


Anna Gelpern

Professor of Law - Georgetown University Law Center


Siddharth Tiwari

Director, Strategy, Policy, and Review - International Monetary Fund

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