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Reacting to Netanyahu’s Congressional Address: A Live Web Chat with Martin Indyk

During his May 19 speech on the Arab uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa, President Obama offered support for the pro-democracy movements as well as for economic development in the region. The President also reinforced the U.S. commitment to the creation of a viable Palestinian state, while emphasizing the continued need for a secure Israel. Setting a new starting point for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and surprising many, Obama called for a return to pre-1967 borders. This recommendation was met with disagreement in Israel, further complicating the tense relationship between the two nations.

On May 25, Martin Indyk, Brookings expert and former ambassador to Israel, participated in a live web chat reacting to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s May 24 address to Congress and President Obama’s latest attempt to end the stalemate between the Israelis and Palestinians.

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