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Protecting Online Privacy: A Live Web Chat with Allan Friedman

Aiming to protect online privacy without stifling innovation, President Obama has proposed a “Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights” to help users exercise more control over the data they share when accessing the internet through their web browsers, smart phones and tablets. Although its guidelines remain voluntary, many consumer advocates and industry insiders are championing the measure as a promising first step toward striking a balance between the need for privacy and information disclosure in a digital age.

What level of anonymity should consumers expect when browsing the Internet? Will companies implement President Obama’s recommendations, or is legislation needed to concretely outline consumers’ right to privacy? On Wednesday, February 29, Allan Friedman answered your questions in a live web chat with moderator Vivyan Tran of POLITCO.

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Allan A. Friedman

Former Brookings Expert

Director of Cybersecurity Initiatives, National Telecommunications and Information Administration - U.S. Department of Commerce


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