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Playful Learning Landscapes: At the intersection of education and placemaking

Playful Learning Landscapes lies at the intersection of developmental science and transformative placemaking to help urban leaders and practitioners advance and scale evidence-based approaches to create vibrant public spaces that promote learning and generate a sense of community ownership and pride.

On Wednesday, February 26, the Center for Universal Education and the Bass Center for Transformative Placemaking at Brookings will host an event introducing Playful Learning Landscapes, an interdisciplinary project aimed at transforming everyday places into learning experiences and bringing education into public spaces by reaching families in parks, supermarkets, and other places where they regularly go. The event will convene community leaders, city planners, designers, and behavioral scientists that share a vision for creating family-friendly cities across the world.


Panel 1: How early learning can be realized through play and caregiver interaction

Panel 2: Reimagining neighborhoods to foster playful learning

Keynote Remarks

Closing remarks

Ralph Smith

Managing Director - Campaign for Grade-Level Reading

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