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Neighbours in arms: A discussion with Larry Pressler

Content from the Brookings Institution India Center is now archived. After seven years of an impactful partnership, as of September 11, 2020, Brookings India is now the Centre for Social and Economic Progress, an independent public policy institution based in India.

A private book discussion on Neighbours in Arms with Larry Pressler. A former member of the U.S. Congress and a three-term Senator, Pressler is known for the Pressler Amendment of 1985, which banned most economic and military assistance to Pakistan absent a certification from the U.S. President of its non-possession of a nuclear device. This was enforced in 1990, blocking military sales and aid to Pakistan. His new book, which provides an account of U.S. policy to India and Pakistan after 1974, reveals what went on behind the scenes.

This discussion is private and off-the-record.

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