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Past Event

Middle-class well-being at a local level: What role can mayors play?

Part 3 of an event series on “A New Contract with the Middle Class”

Past Event

Over the past year and a half, the Future of the Middle Class Initiative at Brookings has delved into what it means to be middle class. They spoke to middle-class Americans around the country before and during the pandemic in a series of focus groups and individual interviews. They launched the Middle Class Monitor, an interactive that compiles data on middle-class well-being over time. They even developed solutions to some of the reoccurring issues they heard in the focus groups and saw in the data in A New Contract with the Middle Class. 

On February 22, the Initiative hosted two mayors to discuss how quality of life can be improved for the middle class at a local level. Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky, and Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio, shared the experiences they’ve had in their communities and what a path forward could look like. 

Request a free copy of A New Contract with the Middle Class. 

Viewers submitted questions by emailing or via Twitter using the hashtag #MiddleClassMonitor.

Click here to watch the first event in the series, “Reframing the narrative of the middle class: Real voices pre- and post-pandemic,” and here to watch the second event, “How the American middle class is really doing: What the data tell us.” 


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