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Brookings Briefings on the Census

So that Congressional staff and nongovernmental organizations may better appreciate the extraordinary importance of Census numbers, the Brookings Institution organized a series of three briefings for Congressional staff in 2006. The first, held on April 7, examined preparations for the 2010 Census and implications for apportionment and the economy. The second, held on June 23, will examine the public and private uses of the new ACS. The third, held September 28 and 29, is a webcast that guides staff on using on-line tools to access ACS data by District and State. The webcast is offered at four times. The Brookings Briefings are organized under the sponsorship of House Subcommittee on Federalism and the Census.

On September 28 and 29, Cynthia Taeuber, a former Census official involved in developing the ACS, gave an overview of what numbers are available by district and state on the Census website, how to make sense and use of these figures, and what to expect from the ACS in coming years.