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Get Out the Vote: Understanding Voter Mobilization

The Brookings Institution Press hosted a discussion of voter mobilization based on the findings of the book Get Out the Vote: How to Increase Voter Turnout, Second edition. Since the publication of the first edition of this book, more than 100 new studies have been conducted in real electoral settings across the United States. Co-authors Donald P. Green and Alan S. Gerber summarized the latest findings and explained how they affect organizing the grass roots and getting out the vote.

The event shed new light on the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of campaign tactics—door-to-door canvassing, e-mail, direct mail and telephone calls—as well as tactics that were not discussed in the first edition, such as Election Day festivals and radio and television ads. Professors Green and Gerber examined the challenge of voter mobilization and the effectiveness of mass media campaigns and events. Their analysis questions much of the conventional wisdom about what works and what does not in political campaigns.

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