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Past Event

From words to action: Delivering inclusive growth

Past Event

From words to action: Delivering inclusive growth

Ernesto Talvi, Nick Timiraos, Nancy Birdsall, Richard Samans, Gene Sperling, Amina Mohammed, and Homi Kharas

Since the onset of the financial crisis, the question of how to unlock new sources of productive employment and strengthen the contribution of economic growth to progress in broad living standards has become an increasingly important concern for political and business leaders in developed and developing countries alike. In addition, income inequality in many countries is at its highest level for the past half century, prompting a new look at its economic costs. Growing dissatisfaction across the globe has led to mounting political tension and questioning whether society has dealt with the potential trade-off between growth and equity appropriately. While tax-and-transfer systems are among the most commonly used instruments to promote greater social inclusion, there are many different levers available that have not been fully exploited.

On October 5, the Brookings Global Economy and Development Program and the World Economic Forum hosted a discussion on ways to create a stronger, fairer, and more sustainable economic model in which the many—and not just the fortunate few—benefit from rising prosperity.

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