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Europe’s Future in a Turbulent World

The uprisings in the Arab world and the U.S.-European military intervention in Libya are currently driving transatlantic policy discussions. However, the ongoing Eurozone crisis and the fate of debt-laden countries remain issues of concern for both Europeans and Americans. Other critical challenges are also consuming Europe’s attention: reversing the economic slowdown and regaining competitiveness; dealing with rising populism and public opinion backlash against the influx of North African refugees; and forging a common foreign policy that can both respond to changing political and economic developments and enhance the European Union’s role in a new multipolar world.

On May 26, the Center on the United States and Europe at Brookings (CUSE) and the Heinrich Böll Foundation hosted experts and top officials from both sides of the Atlantic for the 2011 CUSE annual conference. Panelists explored critical issues shaping the future of transatlantic relations, from the euro crisis to how the United States and Europe can craft a common response to the wave of democratic uprisings in the Arab world.

After each panel, participants took audience questions.


9:00 AM -- Panel 1: The Eurozone: From Crisis to Consolidation?

11:00 AM -- Panel 2: Europe's Power in the World

1:30 PM -- Panel 3: The Arab Spring in Transatlantic Perspective


Ana Palacio

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Spain - Member of the Council of State

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