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Past Event

Campaign 2012: Strategies for Economic Growth

Past Event

Campaign 2012: Strategies for Economic Growth

Martin Neil Baily, Karen Dynan, and Elisabeth Jacobs

As the United States continues its slow recovery from a deep recession and many Americans struggle to find jobs, the economy is at the forefront of voters’ minds heading into the 2012 election. Given the continued policy gridlock in Congress, economic growth is arguably the most urgent policy challenge facing the next president. But the policy prescriptions are complex, requiring strategies to address the shrinking middle class, reduced consumer demand, the housing market, the national deficit and America’s role in the global economy.

On March 7, the Campaign 2012 project at Brookings held a discussion of America’s economic growth, the third in a series of forums that will identify and address the 12 most critical issues facing the next president. Ben White of POLITICO moderated a panel discussion with Brookings experts Martin Baily, Karen Dynan and Elisabeth Jacobs, who presented recommendations to the next president.

After the program, panelists took questions from the audience.

You can follow the conversation on this event on Twitter using the hashtag #BIEconomy or on our @BICampaign2012 Twitter feed.

Download papers from the event:




Ben White

Chief Economic Correspondent - Politico

Karen Dynan

Professor of the Practice of Economics - Harvard University

Nonresident Senior Fellow - Peterson Institute for International Economics


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