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Past Event

Building Trust in the Global Supply Chain

Past Event

Building Trust in the Global Supply Chain

Long supply chains and inadequate product evaluation before deployment create a situation of widespread vulnerability in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) supply chains. As trade grows more globalized, the supply chain has become more complex and challenging. Contemporary commerce involves hundreds of individuals, organizations, technologies, and processes across continents. In this situation, what are the vulnerabilities and what are the possible remedies for addressing those threats? What steps should be taken to ensure that supply chains are protected?

On April 18, the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings hosted a forum to explore operational and technological threats to the ICT global supply chain and ways to identify best practices, standards, and third-party assessment for supply chain assurance. A panel of experts discussed the problems involved in cross-border supply chains and ways to address industry-wide risks.



Building Trust in the Supply Chain


Sandor Boyson

Research Professor and Co-Director, Supply Chain Management Center - University of Maryland, College Park


Edna Conway

Chief Security Strategist, Global Value Chain - Cisco Systems, Inc.


Pamela Passman

President and CEO - Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade


Andy Purdy

Chief Security Officer - Huawei Technologies USA

Identifying Best Practices


Jon Boyens

Senior Advisor for Information Security, Computer Security Division - National Institute of Standards and Technology


Joe Jarzombek

Director for Software & Supply Chain Assurance, Stakeholder Engagement & Critical Infrastructure Resilience (SECIR), Cyber Security and Communications (CS&C) - U.S. Department of Homeland Security


John Lindquist

President and CEO - EWA Information and Infrastructure Technologies, Inc.


Sally Long

Director - The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum

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