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Boosting growth across more of America

Pushing back against the “winner-take-most” economy

The U.S. economy, and the tech sector especially, continue to grow—but in a geographically uneven way. Technology companies are heavily concentrated in only a few very high-cost hubs, such as Silicon Valley, Boston, and Seattle—creating “winner-take-most” dynamics across metro areas and regions. The result is not only increased regional inequality and lost opportunity in the heartland, but also weakened U.S. competitiveness.

On January 29th, the Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings will host an event exploring these issues, including a recent report from Brookings and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation on place-based innovation strategies to counter regional divides. The event will feature remarks from Steve Case, chairman of Revolution, and Judy Faulkner, CEO of Epic, as well as civic and academic leaders bringing national and regional perspectives to the conversation.

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