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Are Global Actions Matching Global Aspirations?

Five years have elapsed since world leaders came together at the United Nations to adopt global goals. They set clear targets to significantly reduce poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, environmental degradation; end war; achieve universal human rights; and provide health and education for all. In 2005, world leaders again proclaimed the importance of achieving these ambitious goals – but did action back up the rhetoric? Where did the world fall short last year, and will it do any better in 2006?

This briefing, sponsored by the Brookings Institution in conjunction with the Global Governance Initiative (GGI) of the World Economic Forum, will feature several of Washington’s most prominent global thinkers in a discussion of the release of the GGI’s third annual assessment of the world’s progress toward reaching its most important goals. The report is the culmination of a year-long independent analysis by six groups of the world’s leading experts in peace and security, poverty, hunger, education, health and environmental protection. Panelists will reflect on the events of 2005 and anticipate what could and should happen in 2006 if the global goals are to be achieved.

A question and answer session will follow remarks and copies of the GGI report will be available at the event.




Ann Florini

Former Brookings Expert

Professor of Public Policy - School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University


Tim Wirth

President, United Nations Foundation

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