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Certificate in Policy Strategy

Changes in government laws, rules and regulations affect domestic (and international) organizations — as well as the lives of the American people. Understanding policymaking and implementation, then, is an advantage for professionals like you.

Brookings Executive Education’s Certificate in Policy Strategy (CPS) provides insider knowledge that helps you engage more effectively in government decision-making, predict likely policy outcomes, and leverage windows of national and international opportunity.


  • Open to experienced professionals from government agencies, businesses and nonprofit organizations
  • Six required courses: Inside Congress, Inside the White House, The Insider’s Legs and Regs, Insider’s Budget Process, Politics and Policymaking, and U.S. National Security Strategy
  • Two Global Studies electives (choose from Middle East, The Americas, Africa, East and South Asia, and Europe)


  • Credential from a highly regarded institution
  • Classes taught by some of the most-respected experts in the field
  • Policy-entrepreneurship expertise
  • Enhanced policymaking capabilities and confidence to engage in policy deliberations
  • Sharper analytical and political skills
  • Interactions with Brookings scholars and other U.S. policy analysts, authors and practitioners
  • In-depth working knowledge of U.S. government institutions

Note: You may receive credit for Brookings Executive Education courses you attended within a two-year period prior to enrollment in the CPS program. You also may apply five days of class credit from policy courses taken for the Certificate in Public Leadership program.

To enroll, contact or call 800-925-5730.

“I learned about legislative sausage making, bill markup — which was particularly eye-opening — and budget cycles. Brookings was definitely the right fit for me as a military diplomat.” – LEGIS Fellow

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