The Tulip Revolution

Kyrgyzstan One Year After

Erica Marat
Release Date: November 1, 2006

Released on the anniversary of the fall of President Askar Akayev’s regime, The Tulip Revolution: Kyrgyzstan One Year After examines the dramatic changes in this remote yet strategically critical Central Asian republic. Authored by Eurasia Daily Monitor analyst Erica Marat, the book integrates indigenous media, local sources, and personal observations to furnish timely, fact-based analysis of seminal developments in Kyrgyzstan. A native of Kyrgyzstan, Dr. Marat critically examines the domestic and international influences that have shaped her homeland and the surrounding region since the revolution.

The Tulip Revolution offers a comprehensive survey of the issues and individuals involved in Kyrgyzstan’s tumultuous transition. The book’s contribution to the understanding of this fledgling democracy in the aftermath of its color revolution is unique and unmatched. Marat’s work is characteristic of the Jamestown Foundation’s commitment to providing timely, factbased analysis on countries throughout Eurasia.