The ECB: Safe at Any Speed?

Monitoring the European Central Bank 1

David Begg, et al.
Release Date: November 1, 1998

The European Central Bank (ECB) will be a formidable powerhouse. The European Parliament and national parliaments must have an objective basis for their own interpretation of the new central bank’s actions. CEPR recognizes the need for a regular examination of ECB polices from a pan-European perspective and the importance of beginning this examination early in order to present a rigorous scrutiny of the ECB when it starts.

This new MECB series will be written by a team of distinguished economists known internationally for their work on macroeconomics and monetary policy. They will produce two reports each year–an assessment of the key issues facing European monetary policy and a detailed commentary on the ECB’s own annual report. The first report, to be published two months before the ECB’s own report, will include a detailed analysis of ECB actions and will alert the public to the main issues raised by the policies pursued by the ECB during the previous year.