Northeast Asian Energy and the Global Context

Release Date: May 1, 1996

Northeast Asia is becoming an important part of the world energy scene. The rapid economic growth of the countries in this region requires support from increasing supplies of energy. Energy security is an essential component of this continuing rapid economic growth. For some countries, most of this energy must be imported, but there is a wide choice of import possibilities. This report points out that the range of choice could be expanded if the possibility of supplying Russian gas to the region were to become a reality. What lessons can be learned from Europe’s experiences of Russian gas imports?

The book contains the main papers given at a recent seminar in Seoul, Korea, that was attended by more than 100 analysts and decisionmakers from government and academic and industrial organizations. It also explores the question of fuel choice within the context of environmental debates that are international as well as national in scope and which are growing in importance and intensity.