Improve Your Business


Release Date: June 1, 1999

Few publications are simple and clear enough to be easily understood by people who have not been exposed to business training, and yet still communicate the basic management skills required by entrepreneurs to run small businesses successfully. This book attempts to fill that gap.

The underlying idea that improvements originate from active and creative thinking by entrepreneurs themselves is developed in this book to encourage and motivate entrepreneurs to improve their businesses. It forms an integral part of the Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) Program which, in turn, is part of the ILO’s International Small Enterprise Program. The SIYB program has been designed to provide a sustainable and cost-effective method of reaching substantial numbers of small-scale entrepreneurs and provide them with the practical management skills needed for profitability in a competitive environment.

The SIYB program provides individuals and institutions with a comprehensive and interrelated set of training materials. Aimed at a variety of target groups, it deals with various topics related to small-enterprise development such as training, business counseling, monitoring and evaluation, and networking. Small-enterprise development institutions in more than 70 countries worldwide have used the SIYB program. This new international edition draws on more than a decade of operational experience.

This international edition is accompanied by a Trainer’s Guide (ISBN 92-2-110864-3).