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Brookings Today, 1/28/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • Alternative to Obamacare repeal strategy. Stuart Butler casts doubt on the GOP’s current Obamacare repeal strategy and presents three key considerations for a potential “plan B.”
  • How the federal government fosters innovation. Josh Bleiberg and Darrell West look at a new CBO report on challenges the government faces in spurring innovation.
  • Bipartisan fixes to Obamacare? Henry Aaron reviews some possible bi-partisan approaches to modest changes to the Affordable Care Act.
  • Dimming prospects for reform in Venezuela. Harold Trinkunas laments that the political and social consensus does not exist in Venezuela for critical reforms, and thus continued turmoil lies ahead.
  • On Greece’s new government. Theodore Pelagidis reflects on what the new government in Athens might do with respect to its financial situation and Europe.
  • Report on internally displaced persons. Ten years after the international community adopted reforms aimed at improving the response to internal displaced persons, Elizabeth Ferris takes stock of where we are.



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