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Brookings Today, 7/28/14

A roundup of some of the content published today by Brookings.

  • Increasing turnout in congressional primaries. Elaine Kamarck argues that the best way to lessen political polarization and increase voter turnout is to establish a national primary day.

  • Understanding the U.S. intelligence operation in Soviet Afghanistan. In his new book, Bruce Reidel expounds upon the CIA’s successful covert intelligence operation during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

  • Africa’s development story still being written. George Ingram suggests an optimistic reading of Africa’s narrative. 

  • Seattle’s smart building technology. Rachel Barker and Amy Liu explain how Seattle’s proclivity towards sustainability can lead to economic gains with smart building technology.

  • Risk-based payment arrangements. Lawrence Kocot, Pratyusha Katikaneni and Ross White ask what it takes for Accountable Care Organizations to pursue risk-based payment arrangements.

  • Narendra Modi’s electricity obsession in India. Bill Antholis recounts his 2012 meeting with then-Chief Minister Modi of Gujarat, when the future Indian prime minister was focused on bringing electricity to the people of his state.

Elina Saxena contributed to this post.


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