The economics and politics of immigration


The economics and politics of immigration



Will telehealth continue under the Biden administration? | The TechTank Podcast

Dr. Tiffany Link gets ready to see a patient for a telehealth session in the spare bedroom in her home in Fort Collins, Colo. on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.052020 Telehealth 01 Bb

In the coronavirus era, doctors visits have gone virtual—much like nearly every aspect of everyday life. So telehealth means a patient talks to their doctor right from the epicenter of their personal world. And those little things that make us human? They’re front and center.

And beyond the convenience of taking a check up from your living room, without having to pay for childcare or transportation, telehealth is helpful in many ways. For example, take its ability to connect rural hospitals with nurses or surgeons at huge medical centers during emergencies that don’t afford the time to transfer a patient. That’s built in teamwork, support, and collaboration. Or, take the fact that telehealth allows trans people to see their doctor without the often awkward or negative interactions at a physical office. That’s ensured protection, comfort, and confidence. But, of course, the steady march of technology doesn’t stop at doctor-to-patient Zoom calls.

In this episode, host Nicol Turner Lee discusses the rise of telehealth and its implications with Ross Friedberg and Niam Yaraghi. 

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