Weekend Reads: Key Midterm Issues for Female Voters, Youth Internet Safety, and More

New this week

All about the 2014 midterm elections. Isabel Sawhill previews key issues for female voters (hint: more than reproductive rights) and Strobe Talbott weighs in on what the results will mean for Obama’s Russia policy as part of a new blog series on the 2014 midterms. 

U.S. cities are innovating. Metropolitan Revolution author Bruce Katz interviews leaders from Philly, Chicago, and Houston to learn more about what they’re doing to make their cities hubs for innovation, competition, and growth.

Why policymakers should study character formation. Richard Reeves introduces a “superb collection of essays” from experts across the space on character development and what it means for policies designed to increase opportunity.

Addressing concerns about youth Internet safety. John Villasenor, Adina Farrukh, and Rebecca Sadwick identify gaps in existing research on how to keep children and teenagers safe online.

What our experts are reading

A great diplomat and friend, William J. Burns, offers ten parting thoughts for America’s diplomats. (@JavierSolana)

Don’t miss this tough, honest piece from Jeffrey Goldberg: Israel chooses settlements over friends. (@TCWittes)

Great piece by Robert Shireman on failures of student loan servicing. (@Chingos)

Important speech by Under Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman with grim message: enrichment status quo unacceptable. (@MaloneySuzanne)