Vital Statistics on Congress: A Sampling of Your Analysis from Around the Web

Recently Brookings, in collaboration with the American Enterprise Institute and the Campaign Finance Institute, released a free, downloadable and user-friendly version of Vital Statistics on Congress, a compilation of data on our first branch of government that we have been collecting for over three decades. We encouraged readers to download the data for their own use, and share their findings with us. We’ve been impressed by the ways readers have used the data thus far.

A few examples include:

SunlightFigure 171213

Source: Sunlight Foundation

Check out our infographics for data from Chapters 1, 3 and 8 on congressional apportionment, independent spending in congressional elections, and average ideology for both parties in the House and Senate, respectively.

We’ve received valuable feedback regarding the data we’ve compiled, and we’ll incorporate additional data points into the collection as they become available. Some data we’ll enhance include demographics of Members of Congress, Congressional staffing levels, legislative productivity and campaign finance.

We hope you’ll continue to email us at with feedback and questions. If you’d like to be alerted when we update our data, please sign up for the Governance Studies newsletter.