Super Tuesday Wrap Up

Diane Rehm, host

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Senator John Kerry has pledged to tell the truth about what’s happened in our country. His coast to coast primary and caucus wins in nine states yesterday essentially locked up the Democratic nomination.

Joining me in this studio to talk about yesterday’s results and the race ahead, Norman Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, Tom Mann of the Brookings Institution, and Stuart Rothenberg — he’s editor and publisher of the Rothenberg Political Report.

Diane Rehm
Good morning gentlemen, good to see you.

Diane Rehm, host
Tom Mann, any surprises after Senator Kerry’s win in nine of ten states yesterday?

Thomas E. Mann
Couple of small ones… Howard Dean won his home state of Vermont — John Edwards actually was not on the ballot there and it’s nice that the Vermonters showed some support for their governor.

I’d say two states were particularly interesting. One, Georgia, where the southerner, John Edwards, had hoped to make his stand. John Kerry actually pulled out a victory there and it was impressive in doing so — it was narrow…couple of points, but a victory nonetheless, with overwhelming support from African-American voters.

And Ohio, another state very important to any hope of John Edwards staying in the race. Kerry won that state decisively, including union workers, people concerned with trade… it was an across-the-board sweep in Ohio for Kerry, which in all the other states, there were landslide margins for John Kerry.

Diane Rehm
Stuart Rothenberg, what do these numbers tell us?

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