BPEA | 1994: Microeconomics

Summary of the Papers – Microeconomics 1994

Microeconomics 1994

THIS ISSUE contains papers presented on December 10 and 11, 1993, at
the eighth Brookings Microeconomics Panel. The papers address issues
in labor, industrialo rganization,p olitical economy, internationatl rade,
and health. Clifford Winston and Robert Crandall examine historical
relationships between federal regulatory policies and voters’ presidential
preferences. Robert Staiger and Frank Wolak relate the timing of
dumping investigations to the economic impact of U.S. antidumping
laws. Donald Kenkel and David Ribar investigate whether alcohol consumption
affects the earnings of young adults. Patricia Anderson and
Bruce Meyer provide new evidence on the extent of job tenure and
turnover. Henry Aaron and Barry Bosworth analyze the politics and
economics of recent health care reform proposals. Paul Joskow, Richard
Schmalensee, and Natalia Tsukanova describe Russia’s industrial structure
and competition policies.