Special Governance Zone: A Practical Entry-Point for a Winnable Anti-Corruption Program


This is a proposal on finding a practical entry point in improving public governance (including reducing corruption) in a developing or transition economy. The pre- condition is that the top leadership in the country understands the high costs of poor governance on the economic development, is committed to improving public governance and has the political resolve to consider bold and comprehensive measures.

In any country, national leaders have to act within certain constraints. These may include the concern that a given action should enhance rather undermine their respectability and authority, and that the central government’s fiscal resources are limited, and that the reform program should be able to limit unpredictable negative consequences. This proposal aims to take into account these constraints.

The author’s proposal is to establish a Special Governance Zone (SGZ), a geographically limited area within a country, in which a comprehensive package of civil service reform, redefined role of government in the economy, enhanced rule of law, and enhanced citizen’s voice, will take place.