Reflections of a Lost Boy: A Journey of Hope and Perseverance for South Sudan

It’s been a long road for the Republic of South Sudan as its residents continue the hard work of establishing Africa’s newest independent nation. The effort is bittersweet for Peter Biar Ajak, one of Sudan’s storied Lost Boys. As a small child, Ajak saw his village destroyed by soldiers, survived a brutal attack at a refugee camp and walked hundreds of miles in search of safety and freedom before banding together with other child soldiers in the SPLA’s Red Army. Later, as one of 3,000 Lost Boys, Ajak made his way to the U.S. and Harvard University and has now returned to home to help establish the budding, young nation of South Sudan. Nonresident Fellow Witney Schneidman speaks with Ajak about his recollections of Sudan’s war-torn years and his hopes for the future.