Protests in Russia and Turkey and the Emerging Role of New Media

turkey_erdogan002_1x1In recent months, Turkey has undergone a significant political shift, one that is challenging the rule of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his AK Party. In late 2011, a similar protest movement arose in Russia that has induced President Vladimir Putin to crack down on those who oppose him.

In this podcast, Fiona Hill and Kemal Kirisci from the Center on the United States and Europe explore similarities and differences between protests in Russia and Turkey and the emerging role of new media.
In the coming weeks, more podcasts will focus on the roles that the economy, the news media and popular politics play in these movements.
In a discussion that inspired this podcast, several Brookings scholars examine the similarities and differences between the protests in Russia and Turkey and the ways that their respective leaders have reacted to them. Read excerpts from the discussion and get the transcript.
Watch Kemal Kirisci discuss political polarization in Turkey, Russia and other countries:

Watch Fiona Hill discuss the rise of opposition voices in new media, including Russian blogger Alexei Navanly: