Pathways to the Middle Class: Ensuring Greater Upward Mobility for All Americans

Amy Liu,
Amy Liu Headshot
Amy Liu Senior Fellow and Co-Director - Metropolitan Policy Program

Hugh B. Price, and
Hugh B. Price Former President - National Urban League
Rebecca Sohmer
Rebecca Sohmer Senior Research Analyst

February 28, 2007

Is the American Dream fading? Income inequality, inadequate savings and difficulty climbing the ladder to success are hurting many middle-income families—especially minority households.

The next President should support measures focused on:

  • increasing the number of students who complete postsecondary education in our nation’s community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, or specialized training programs geared to specific occupations
  • increasing the quantity and quality of academic and social support services available to low-income students who are struggling in college or postsecondary training programs
  • reforming the nation’s largest affordable housing production programs, Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, so that they foster economically integrated communities
  • encouraging mainstream financial services to locate in low-income neighborhoods

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