October 2012 Update for TIGER: Tracking Indexes for Global Economic Recovery

Editor’s Note: In collaboration with the Financial Times (FT), Eswar Prasad and Karim Foda of Brookings have developed a set of composite indexes which track the global economic recovery. The Financial Times has produced the Tracking Indexes for the Global Economic Recovery (TIGER) interactive map, which appears on the Financial Times Web site.

The global economic recovery is on the ropes, battered by political conflicts within and across countries, lack of decisive policy actions, and governments’ inability to tackle deep-seated problems such as unsustainable public finances that are stifling growth. The Brookings-FT Tiger index shows growth momentum has dissipated in nearly all major advanced and emerging market economies.

The updated interactive map below displays how fast individual G-20 economies are faring in global economic recovery.

As the impacts of the euro crisis loom over the rest of the world, a new euro periphery group has been added to the interactive. Greece, Ireland, and Portugal are now featured, complementing Spain and Italy, already featured as G-20 economies, to round out the euro periphery group.

Underneath the map, links to updated key indicators display how fast those indicators are recovering for advanced economies, emerging markets and a composite total of those two groups.

Click on an individual country in the map to view charts for the main TIGER indexes for that country and charts for the indicators that make up the indexes, which are broken down by real activity, financial and confidence indicators.

As well as tracking country performance, the TIGER indexes also track the performance of key indicators across groups of advanced economies, emerging markets and a composite total. Click on the following links to view the updated charts for the following key indicators:

Real Activity Indicators
Financial Indicators
Confidence Indicators

For detailed information on the composition and construction of the indexes and a comprehensive description of the data and source information, please refer to the updated technical appendix.

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