13th annual Municipal Finance Conference


13th annual Municipal Finance Conference


BPEA | 1978 No. 2

Implications for Policy: A Symposium

Gardner Ackley
Gardner Ackley University of Michigan
Discussants: Alan Greenspan and
Alan Greenspan President - Greenspan Associates
Franco Modigliani

1978, No. 2

WE OWE a considerable debt of gratitude to Sidney Weintraub, Henry Wallich, Laurence Seidman, and Arthur Okun for developing the concept of the tax-based incomes policy (TIP), and for keeping it alive in the face of public and professional disinterest. I believe that the papers and discussion of this conference have greatly advanced our understanding of the implications of the proposal, even if they have not answered all questions nor, I am sure, produced general agreement even in this room.