Five Strong Starts for Social Mobility

Today we are hosting Brookings’ first annual Social Mobility Summit. We’ll hear from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand this morning, and from Representative Paul Ryan later this afternoon (we hope you’ll join the live webcasts). To frame the day’s events, we’ve identified the five starts that are critical for life chances: our start in life; how we start school; starting college; the start we make in the workplace; and the way we start our own family. 



5 Strong Starts to Boost Social Mobility

January 13, 2014

At every one of these starting gates, there are large gaps between those born to the bottom, middle, and top income quintiles. During the Summit, we’ll be talking with experts in each life stage to explore policy solutions that will narrow these opportunity gap, and help as many Americans get as many strong starts as possible. We invite you to explore the components of the 5 Strong Starts in our interactive brief, and to follow the day’s events on Twitter, where @BrookingsCCF will have updates throughout the day using #MobilitySummit.