Does CPAC’s Minority Outreach Panel Spell Trouble for GOP?

John Hudak, a fellow in Governance Studies, is attending the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) right now, where he is live tweeting and blogging about his observations. Yesterday, he tweeted about attendance at the minority outreach panel, included a photo of what he was seeing, and got a LOT of attention:  

He later wrote a blog post for FixGov about his observations, writing that:

About ten minutes into the panel, I snapped a photo (shown above) of a largely empty ballroom. The lack of attendance for the panel is a huge loss and missed opportunity for participants. CPAC brings together some of the Republican Party’s most passionate, engaged, and eager members. The people who attend the meetings run campaigns, volunteer for issue-based efforts and candidates’ campaigns. They are leadership in an army of grassroots conservatism. The panel of Gillespie, Roe, Sailor and Woodson was there to address a basic question: how do we grow our ranks in areas where we traditionally underperform?

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