Design Snapshot — Washington D.C. Suburbs Join Together for NSP2: Combining Regional Scale and Local Flexibility

Six municipal and county governments in suburbs around Washington D.C. formed the Metropolitan
Washington Area Consortium to collaboratively pursue ARRA’s funding opportunity for the second
round of the Neighborhood Stabilization Program. The Metropolitan Washington Council of
Governments took the lead in developing the $33.9 million joint application. The proposal would
combine a new, regional-scale revolving loan fund to help redevelop targeted foreclosed properties for
affordable homeownership with local-level flexibility in operating homebuyer assistance programs and
running initiatives to acquire and rehab select foreclosed properties as affordable rental units.

In response to ARRA’s Neighborhood
Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2), six suburban
jurisdictions of the metropolitan Washington
D.C. region voluntarily came together as the
Metropolitan Washington Area Consortium in
late May 2009 to craft a joint application. Led
by the Metropolitan Washington Council of
Governments (MWCOG), the consortium
consists of the cities of Alexandria, VA; Bowie,
MD; and Gaithersburg, MD and the counties of
Fairfax, VA; Prince George’s, MD; and Prince
William, VA. These six jurisdictions represent
roughly half of the region’s foreclosures. Prince
George’s and Prince William’s counties, in
particular, suffer the most severe foreclosure
crises in the region.