Brookings Today, 6/2/14

A roundup of some of the content published today by Brookings.

  • Regulating Internet access as a public utility. Robert Litan explains why reclassifying Internet access as “common carriage” under Title II of the Telecommunications Act could hurt major tech companies.

  • Modify copyright law for digital content? John Villasenor testifies to Congress that copyright law should not be amended as it relates to resales of digital content under the “first sale doctrine.” 

  • Humanitarians should pay attention to cybersecurity, argues Elizabeth Ferris..

  • New Obama administration climate rules. Today the Obama administration proposed new EPA rules on state-level carbon dioxide emissions. Mark Muro expands on his earlier work that this is part of a trend toward decentralized solutions. Barry Rabe calls it the “new era of climate federalism.”

  • China’s economic rebalancing. David Dollar says that China’s efforts to rebalance its economy creates both opportunities and challenges.