Brookings Today, 3/2/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • Boris Nemtsov’s murder. Lilia Shevtsova and David Kramer call his death “the most crude and blatant political murder.” Are Russians, and the West, ready to hear his warning? they ask.
  • Explaining King v. Burwell. Louise Sheiner and Brendan Mochoruk answer common questions about the pending Supreme Court case, King v. Burwell, the outcome of which could threaten subsidies under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Iran’s regional policy post-nuclear deal. Kenneth Pollack sketches out his thinking about Iran’s possible future behavior in the region after the nuclear negotiations are over.
  • A Supreme Court ruling on public retiree health benefits. Robert Pozen and Ronald Gilson explain why a recent Supreme Court ruling, in the case M&G Polymers vs. Tackett, may help state and local governments scale back health insurance benefits.
  • China in Africa. Yun Sun comments on calls for China to integrate Africa into its “One Belt, One Road” national development strategy, with emphasis on infrastructure development.
  • Detroit-Canada bridge. Joseph Kane and Adie Tomer say the proposed New International Trade Crossing between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario could “reinforce Michigan’s role as a global trading hub.”