Brookings Today, 2/6/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • Interpreting the NSS. Thomas Wright reviews the 2015 National Security Strategy.
  • Status of Affordable Care Act. In a new podcast, Alice Rivlin discusses the Affordable Care Act, America’s health, and her tenure being the first leader of the CBO.
  • Why anti-vaxxers are dangerously wrong. Kavita Patel and Rio Hart say that “the distortion of the facts about vaccines could have dangerous consequences for public safety and public health.”
  • International development. Homi Kharas reflects on a recent event with USAID Administrator Rajiv Shah.
  • The jobs report. Gary Burtless comments on the recent jobs numbers.
  • Russia’s response to arming Ukraine. Fiona Hill and Cliff Gaddy say arming Ukraine with defensive regions could push Putin into a wider regional war.