Brookings Today, 2/4/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • School choice and competition. Russ Whitehurst and Ellie Klein present the 2014 Education Choice and Competition Index, an interactive application that scores large school districts based on thirteen categories of policy and practice.
  • Start school later. Richard Reeves discusses the considerable evidence that starting high school later in the morning would have significant positive benefits.
  • After ISIS in Iraq. Ken Pollack says that while ISIS is losing ground in Iraq and may be pushed out entirely, advancements on the political front have not kept pace.
  • Arming Ukraine? Brookings experts recently appeared as guests on WAMU’s “The Diane Rehm Show” and WBUR’s “On Point with Tom Ashbrook” to discuss whether or not to supply Ukraine with lethal military support.