Brookings Today, 2/25/14

A roundup of some of the content published on today.

  • What is the “global order” and how is it doing? The new Project on International Order and Strategy releases a report and interactive examining this and related questions.

  • The minimum wage. Isabel Sawhill writes that Americans need more than a minimum wage hike.

  • Oil deposits in Uganda. A closer look at oil deposits in Uganda’s Albertine Graben Region, on the Africa in Focus blog.

  • Greenhouse gas regulation. Philip Wallach examines the administrative and institutional concerns in the EPA’s CO2 regulation case before the Supreme Court.

  • Software manufacturing industry. Scott Andes and Mark Muro argue that policymakers should give more attention to the next generation of computer scientists and coders.

  • Clinicians, health reform, and new media. Darshak Sanghavi discusses how social media and MOOCs can help health care reform.

Mingwei Ma contributed to this post.