Brookings Today, 2/11/15

A roundup of some of the content published today at Brookings.

  • Netflix in Cuba. Josh Bleiberg and Darrell West say that the arrival of Netflix in Cuba “has important implications for future relations between the two countries.”
  • Order from chaos. Jeremy Shapiro introduces a new Brookings blog, “Order from Chaos,” a forum for ideas and dialogue about this “extraordinarily difficult and possibly transformative time in international affairs.”
  • Anti-poverty case for smart gentrification. Jonathan Grabinsky and Stuart Butler argue that “by breaking up semi-permanent poverty patterns” in urban neighborhoods, “a degree of gentrification can bring in new resources, energy and opportunities.”
  • Dealing with Russia. Fiona Hill argues that “Russia today is an entirely new challenge” and offers four pillars of a new strategy for the West to approach that country.
  • Climate and falling oil prices. Devashree Saha and Mark Muro posit that falling oil prices could “be a boon for the global climate.”
  • Challenges for low-income individuals and families. In congressional testimony, Ron Haskins discusses poverty and social mobility, especially concerning single mothers.
  • The Risk Pivot. In their new book, Bruce Jones and David Stevens examine thesecurity choices America faces as a result of global and domestic revolutions in energy–increased demand from Asia and increased output at home.